A note from Susan Gianevsky!

Dear Jessica & Lyn

I have never visited a Go Vita store that supports wellness as your store does. It is a breath of FRESH AIR seeing health decorating your shelves. Your team are so well trained to support every customer that walks into your store. I always feel uplifted when I walk into your store and am inspired to try new products to improve the health of my clients. I also see your store as an inspirational platform to learn more about new ways to support health and wellbeing. I am amazed at the food that is created by your dedicated staff in your amazing kitchen. Health is celebrated in your store like no other store I have ever visited around Australia. It is an honour as a health professional with over 25 years in the health industry buying health products and learning new ways to support myself and the health of my clients…wish their were more stores like yours close to my home. It’s well worth the long train ride to get to your store as it is a destination of pure goodness in one area that soothes my soul.

Thank you for keeping health uplifted in your store. I have never in all my 26 years in the health industry met 2 such amazing store owners that are so dedicated to the health of their customer base. Every customer is nurtured until they find the best solution for their health concern and everyone walks out so uplifted by the time they leave. This is a store that needs to be used as a focal point on how Go Vita can become an unforgettable experience. I am so grateful I walked into Go Vita Warrnambool and met the dynamic duo!


Susan Gianevsky
Natural Therapist specializing in Homeopathy and Mineral Therapy
International Health speaker
Women’s health ambassador

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