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Hi I’m Jess!

I have battled bloating for years. And I mean years! Not only have I had three kids (the limit does exist, the baby shop is closed!!), but I run two businesses and have a very high expectation of what I can achieve in my life. In other words I am GO GO GO and I don't have time to feel blah. Or bloated. And definitely not lethargic.

During my late teens and early twenties I had a very unhealthy relationship with food and my body. I was in a dangerous cycle of underfeeding, overtraining and general toxicity towards my body. Toxic thoughts, toxic behaviours, toxic body image, toxic gut. Un-coincidentally, bloating was a very real and a very ongoing issue for me. I spent years trying to ‘fix’ it. I tried supplements, fasts, cleanses, I mean you name it - I’ve definitely tried it. But here's the thing - I didn't actually try everything. I tried all the bandaid solutions. And as a result I never addressed the core issue and therefore never created an actual resolution.

You know how for skincare to penetrate our skin effectively, we need to remove the dirt, grime and toxins first? Or in a garden, without weeding the garden and turning the soil, whatever you plant won’t thrive?  Look I’m not a gardener (is that obvious?), but the point of these (somewhat partial) analogies is that when it comes to our gut, bloating and energy, the solution lies heavily in the elimination of impurities and pollution in order to create the environment where the ‘good’ can survive.

Understanding this fully and engaging with a process that actually works long-term, has inspired me to do the same for others.

Being a fully Certified IIN Integrative Nutrition Health Coach has given me the education and strategy to create the Gut Reset. This is your opportunity to take charge of your energy, your well being and your bloating for good. I have conversations every single day where people tell me how lethargic, bloated and lacklustre they feel and it makes me so sad. I can empathise with how much bloating, lethargy and general blah affects your life and I am so determined to change this for you. All you have to do is say yes to the process, open your ears and heart and do the doing. The future is yours for the taking and imagine attacking every day feeling amazing and placing your head on your pillow every night feeling proud? That can be your reality. Come with me on this journey and change your life.

Love Jess

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